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ATTENTION everyone!! Let's go to sleep tonight and get some good rest after the amazing service that went forth tonight and come out tomorrow (7/8) to help serve the community! All kids who come out to serve will earn another four points from our C.I.A. (Christians in Action) Program!! Be at People's Tabernacle for God by 8:30AM tomorrow (7/8) to get fueled up and ready to go out into the community.

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Come out to The Alter this 4th of July!! There will be food, drinks, and music! When you sit in the not so crowded parking lot in front of The Alter, you get an outstanding view of the firework show at mulberry.

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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The Alter will be hosting our next Ultimate LIT Cooking Competition🏆 this Saturday (June 24th) at the Leaner Alston Fellowship Hall located at People's Tabernacle for God! Come out and compete against your fellow peers in attempt to make some AMAZING and CREATIVE FOOD🍕🍔!!!! Everyone will meet at the Leaner Alston Fellowship Hall by 10:00AM in order to compete in the event. For more information go to the Events tab on the website or app!

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